Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Per Country Limits for EB Visas Stopped

The “Compromise” between the House and Senate eliminates per-country limits for EB immigration Visas.  This is a positive step for Indians and Chinese workers looking to move to the United States .  Unfortunately for other  immigrants wishing to utilize the EB status. this change is going to decrease the "slots" currently alloted.   and creates additional compliance for some employers.

While I couldn’t get everything that was included in the Durbin-Grassley visa reform bill, there is agreement to include in H.R. 3012 provisions that give greater authority to program overseers to investigate visa fraud and abuse.  Specifically, there will be language authorizing the Department of Labor to better review labor condition applications and investigate fraud and misrepresentation by employers.  There’s also agreement to include a provision allowing the federal government to do annual compliance audits of employers who bring in foreign workers through the H-1B visa program.

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